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    Camp Nurses

    Welcome nurses and health center staff! Over the past 20 years, hundreds of NPs, RNs and LPNs have worked at camps through WhizResources. They have made a difference at camps while fully utilizing their nurse experience. Many are school nurses who have the summer available, and others are nurses who travel or are retired or are new graduates. Some even have a full-time job but carve out a few weeks to work at a camp. We place NPs, RNs, LPNs/LVNs as camp nurses. We also have health center positions for Licensed Social Workers, CNAs, EMTs, Athletic Trainers and a variety of other health administrators.

    Working as a Camp Nurse is Rewarding

    Impact the lives of children and adults

    Salary of $1000-$1600/week

    Lodging and meals furnished

    Round-trip airfare or ground transportation provided

    Build on your pediatric nursing experience


    Finding the Right Fit for Your Needs

    Over 80 top-notch camps in locations across the United States

    Assignments from two weeks (or less) up to ten weeks

    Primarily traditional "healthy kids" camps

    Many camps allow your camp age children to come

    Some camps accommodate children younger than camp age

    Friends and family members can work at a camp together

    Travel or stay closer to home

    Assistance with licensing in another state if needed (including payment of license fees)

    What Are The Nurses Saying About Whiz?

    I want to go back to camp this year! Camp nursing was a wonderful way to expand my nursing skills. The job was continually exciting, and it was wonderful to watch the campers as they enjoyed the experience of camp. I would recommend this area of nursing to anyone with the desire to step out of their normal nursing routine and use their knowledge in an energetic atmosphere.

    Liz, RN, Fort Worth

    I had an incredible summer at camp---what an amazing group of people! I would like to make this my new home camp for many years to come.

    Cindy, RN, New Orleans

    The staff was great, and my daughter and I had a wonderful time! We had never been to the Big Apple and loved it! A great experience of a lifetime!

    Renee, RN, San Diego

    Just want to touch base with you after the camp experience. It was fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity.

    Michele, RN, Philadelphia