Individual Attention and Exceptional Service

After serving as a youth minister for over 20 years and working as a volunteer at special needs camps throughout the US for 16 years, I decided to start a company that would bring together incredible camps and awesome youth (and young at heart). We offer something more than just big business. Our goal is to develop a personal relationship with those we serve.   

WhizResources is a valuable partner for the recreation resources that provide opportunities to celebrate unique individuals and give wings to the human spirit. We will help you in your mission to nurture potential and appreciate joy. We know the right staff makes all the difference and that your camp is committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

WhizResources is a trusted guide for the exceptional human resources who seek to live in a way that changes the lives of others. We will help you find a meaningful job and salary and guide you through the adventure of traveling to camp, creating an incredible environment, celebrating big and small joys and accomplishments, enduring the struggles that accompany all worthwhile undertakings, changing the lives of campers, allowing the experience to change your life and returning home to recall the memories with family and friends. 

The service provided by WhizResources is very personal and individual, just like you are. We provide personal attention to all details with open and constant communication. Our philosophy centers on equipping camps with staff who will provide wonderful, fun, uplifting experiences for special needs campers, experiences that change for the better the lives of the campers and staff alike.

Rick Whisenhunt
Founder, WhizResources
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