FAQs About Working at Summer Camps

Where are the camps located?
Camps we are currently or have previously worked with are located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Alaska, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Washington, Connecticut, California, Maine, Maryland, Colorado and Florida.. The list of camps changes often and more locations may be available.

How much am I paid?
Nurse salaries are typically $1,000/week and we have incredible opportunities for those who qualify. The salary for nurses is commensurate with the training and licensing.
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The salary for a counselor averages about $2000 for the summer, although this can vary significantly depending on the length of the camp, the training or certification required for the position and the experience of the candidate. A bonus is paid to counselors and specialists who return with WhizResources.

What expenses will I have?
Other than personal expenses, everything is provided, including meals, lodging, air transportation, camp activities and some side trips (depending on the camp).

How am I paid?
The pay periods vary based on the particular camp. Some camps help you set up automatic deposits to bank accounts and others offer check cashing at the camp. This is something you will discuss with the camp.

How do I apply?
You begin by completing an application with us. We will contact you for an interview (or telephone interview). If we see a fit with the jobs we are placing, your name and application may be provided to a camp. The camp will contact you and if you are offered a job, additional information may be required.

What personal information will be required?
A background check will be performed and fingerprint check may be required when you arrive. All information needed to perform the background check and to make an informed employment decision will be required. In addition, the camp may conduct drug, alcohol and other testing.

What will I do as a counselor?
The objective is to provide a great camp experience for the campers within the overall goals of the camp. The counselors spend much of their time leading and participating in camp activities with the campers. Depending on the camp, the activities may include swimming, canoeing, sports and games, skits, art, challenge course elements, special events and “traditions”, etc.

What are the dates of the camps?
Generally the camps run from the first of June until the last of August. Some camps begin mid or late June and end late August. Others begin the first of June and end the first week of August.

What if I want to sight-see after the camp?
We can arrange your transportation to return home at any time after camp. However, once we make the reservation we cannot change the return date. If you decide to stay later, you may be required to pay penalties for changing your return date.

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