We are looking for 18-26 year old US students who
bring gifts and compassion to camp
seek experience for careers related to camp
(nursing, autism, physical or speech therapy, teaching)
lead programs and activities with enthusiasm and confidence
work well with others and are a valued part of the
camp staff team

In addition to counselors, we have specialist positions in:
Art Equestrian Sports
Music Lifeguards ROPES
Drama Med Tech Food Service
Aquatics Day Camp Maintenance

RN's and LPN's
Nurses Locally Licensed
School Nurses Reasonable Fees
Hospital Training Student Nurses
Special Needs Experience Medical Techs

Experience counts! Our 25 years of youth ministry and 16 years at special needs camps will help you make this a
great year by:

Locating and placing U.S. college-aged students excited about working at your special needs camp
Screening applicants through interviews and background checks
Arranging transportation for staff
Communicating regularly with you and applicants you select
Developing a plan that fits your staffing needs and resources